EAUMP-ICTP 2018 Summer School

The 2018 EAUMP-ICTP summer school/workshop was successfully concluded recently and It attracted participants from more than 20  countries including: Uganda, Zambia, Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda, Ghana, Benin, Congo Brazaville, Senegal, German, Japan, UK, France, Australia, USA, Sudan, Burkinafaso, Netherlands, Italy, Belgium, etc.

One of our own, Dr. David Ssevviri (Head Department of Mathematics) participated in teaching which opportunity he used to tell the participants about what we do at CoNAS, particularly in Mathematics department and then as EAUMP network. Participants from Western Africa are considering starting a  network similar to the EAUMP.  Dr. Ssevviri was thereafter interviewed by the media department of the University of Dar Es Salaamme about the roles of EAUMP, Sida bilateral programmes and the upcoming East African Centre in Mathematical Research.

The school focused on the following areas: Galois Theory, Advanced Linear Algebra, Elementary Algebraic Geometry, Hopf Algebras and Crossed modules.

In the workshop, participants gave talks about their research indicating how it builds on the courses taught in the school. We were privileged to host big bullets in the subject like Prof. Yujiro Kawamata from University of Tokyo and Prof. Raf Bocklandt  from Amsterdam University among others.

Caroline Namanya  an MSc student from the Department of Mathematics scooped the prize for the second best student in the mini-projects that were given out.

Other details about the  school/workshop can be found on this link: